1) What is the Mission of For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay?
For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay was formed as an organization to provide financial aid and assistance to children with specific unmet needs, such as medical, dental, mental health, or educational services for which other resources are insufficient or nonexistent.

2) What is the unique community need that is the focus for our Foundation?
Our community is rich in resources for needy children, with a number of agencies and foundations whose primary mission is to fill those needs. Though these many agencies exist to support children, specialized one time critical needs, characterized by their uniqueness to an individual, often slip through the holes in the safety net provided by other agencies. We strive to fill those needs.

3) Who is our target population and what services do we provide?
We serve children and young adults, birth through age 20, in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties. We provide basic needs in areas such as education and health. These needs can be anything from medically necessary orthodontia to eye glasses to otherwise unpaid medical fees. Sometimes what will make a critical difference in a child’s life is a bus pass to get to school or a wheelchair battery not covered by insurance. We pay directly to service providers on behalf of children for those things not covered under existing programs.

4) How do we measure the success of our Foundation?
We measure our success by ”lives changed”. The Foundation maintains the privacy of children while tracking every donation made. We always know how many children we have served and what their needs have been.

5) Is there collaboration with other agencies and how do we know we are not duplicating the efforts of other agencies in the community?
For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay collaborates with other agencies in the community by putting itself forward, especially through courts, schools and other local agencies who serve children. Because we are not bound by government regulation and the specific focus of many other agencies or foundations, we can be the source of help for children who have no other option. Sitting on our local board, in either a voting or advisory capacity, are a local Superintendent of Schools, a Family Court Judge, a child advocate attorney and other members of the community who know the reach and resources of other agencies and the needs of children.

6) How do we fund these services to children?
For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the IRS. We comply with all the audit and fiscal requirements of such foundations. We receive donations from private donors, corporations and local businesses. We are an all-volunteer organization.

7) How can I donate?
Donations may be sent to For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay, P.O. Box 891, Capitola, CA 95010, or through PayPal on this website.

8) What if I know of a child with a critical, unmet need?
Applications are available on this website. You may also request an application by mail at P. O. Box 891, Capitola CA 95010 or by telephone at 831-818-7358.